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´╗┐If you are looking for a commercial yogurt maker, you have come to the right place you will find there are many choices. This page is for you to choose the best commercial yogurt maker for all your need.

Our page has the best reviewed commercial yogurt maker ever. They have a better quality than those comparably priced ones you can find at the box stores.

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Best Selling Commercial Yogurt Maker

Euro-Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine

Euro-Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker. No-fuss yogurt that costs a fraction of the price of grocery store brands, in as little as 6 hours. Shuts off automatically at end of cooking cycle.

Product Reviews
  • “Works great and is very easy to use and clean.” – Susan T. Shaffer
  • “I have done it without the powdered milk, it’s still wonderful, just thinner and I like thick yogurt, so I’m trying it with the powdered milk and a little longer time.” – Rodney
  • “The glass jars are the perfect size.” – S. Bruce

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine

Enjoy your favorite flavor, made fresh at home with little fuss and preparation. The entire process takes between 6 to 10 hours. The yogurt maker includes seven 6-ounce glass jars with lids so you can make a different flavor in each.

  • “It’s very easy to use.” – S. Leigh Whitaker
  • “I made soy yogurt perfect the first time.” – Dew
  • “I really like this yogurt maker because I can use ANY SIZE GLASS JARS that will fit into the base.” – Mari S.

Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker

The Complete Yogurt Cheese MakerYogurt cheese is a delicious low fat substitute for cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream or whipping cream. Just add yogurt and the unique patented design produces yogurt cheese in 2 to 24 hours.

Consumer Reports
  • “It makes Greek style yogurt in about 2 hours and cream cheese consistency yogurt cheese overnight.” – Gayle
  • “Works perfectly, easy to clean and so much more convenient and neat to use than cheese cloth or strainers.” – S M Rose
  • “The fine mesh screen easily contains the yogurt while allowing the whey to drain through.” – borgtown

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker

Create all-natural premium yogurt for a fraction of the cost of commercial brands. Yogurt maker has a digital LCD display with electronic timer and warning beep ten minutes and five minutes before automatic shut-off.

Consumer Reviews
  • “This was a very easy product to use and makes the best yogurt.” – Cynthia L. Omeara
  • “It has made wonderful, thick, creamy, even- textured yogurt from the first time I used it.” – Mellen
  • “I finally took the plunge, and I’m very glad I did – so is my husband.” – Jeanette A. DeMain

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

A foolproof way to make perfect yogurt every time. Will make up to 2 quarts of homemade yogurt in only 4.5 hours! Also it is the only yogurt maker that will make our exclusive Yogourmet CBA yogurt that contains L.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It works very well and is very easy to use.” – Erik Lane
  • “I’ve been using whole milk and greek yogurt as starter, and I’m consistently getting really delicious, thick creamy yogurt.” – Ladydoll
  • “I have made yogurt a couple of times a week for years now.” – Mary McClain

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine

Now you can prepare Greek yogurt dishes quickly and easily with Euro Cuisine. This unique strainer kit which is BPA Free transforms up to 2qts of ordinary Euro Cuisine homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator.

Consumer Guide
  • “You have to be gentle with it and careful when you remove the yogurt from the fine mesh strainer.” – L. Sager
  • “Would definitely recommend – my greek yogurt turned out great.” – Yvonne Sommer
  • “It’s easy to clean.” – Twopennygal

T-fal YG232BUS Balanced Living Yogurt Maker with LCD Timer, White

T-fal YG232BUS Balanced Living Yogurt Maker with LCD Timer, White

Customer Reviews
  • “The Yogurt maker really works, makes great yogurt, instructions are easy to follow, and this is a no mess, easy clean up yogurt maker.” – Nancy
  • “The yogurt is thick and creamy and oh so smooth!” – Susan Rogers
  • “I love the glass jars.” – Melissa Mason

Euro Cuisine YM260 Yogurt Maker, 2-Quart
Euro Cuisine

With the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker, you can make home-made all natural, rich and creamy yogurts with any kind of milk within 6 to 8hours. The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker allows you to control sweetness, ingredients and fat content.

Consumer Reports
  • “It is very easy to use.” – claire from MI
  • “I’ve been using it at least once a week for a year and love it.” – Asmama
  • “I called again and they said we will send you another base.” – Dolores Contigiani

Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker

Enjoy making yogurt at home with easy-to-use digital controls. Makes over 5 cups of yogurt; enough for the whole family. 8 separate cups allow for different flavors to be made simultaneously- so everyone in the family can create their favorite! Fully customizable digital timer for a variety of yogurt recipes.

Customer Reviews
  • “It comes with directions for making your own yogurt that is very simple and easy to follow.” – TheConstantConsumer
  • “I have used the machine several times now and each batch of yogurt is exactly what I expected; relatively thick. tangy, smooth, and great tasting.” – Richard Daines
  • “Aroma even recommends it right there in the instructions.” – Lesli D. Fullerton

BONUS PACK! Joyoung CTS-1098 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker with FREE Soybean Bonus Pack

JOYOUNG CTS-1098 is a fully automatic home kitchen appliance which uses a new heating system without a heating tube and instead applies heat to the entire body for more even cooking.

Expert Advice
  • “Easy to make fresh nutritious soy milk.” – Dad24sons
  • “It is very easy to clean too.” – Tammy Hsu
  • “I had very pleasant shopping experience here!” – Arley

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